Chamomile Soap

It keeps the skin moisturized ,get rid of excess oil, tightens the skin.

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Rice soap

A natural mask that opens the skin and unifies its color , gets rid of  dark spots and traces of pimples.


Frankincense Soap

it contains natural collagen and other materials that contribute to the exfoliation and renewal of dead skin cells , unifies and tightens the skin tone.


Musk soap

a feminine disinfectant that eliminates infections , whitens and tightens sensitive areas , removes unpleasant odors.


Curcuma soap

Helps sterilize the skiaffected by pimples and acne clams Irrited skin.


Charcoal soap

Treat oily skin , reduces pore size , suitable for all skin types.


Rose soap

Unifies the skin tone and gives it the glasses and vitakity , removes wrinkles and fine lines caused by exposure to sunlight.


Aloe vera soap

Clams skin burns , refreshes and nourishes the skin , fights wrinkles.