Olive oil soap

It gives the skin moisture and freshness and protects it from signs of aging.

It removes the traces of make-up easily, except for the various vitamins it contains, which will reach the skin to a state of softness and desired freshness.


Caffee soap : 

Slimming the desired area through continuous massage .



Lemon soap

Gives the skin radiance, glasses and vitality, balances the proportion of fat, delays the appearance of wrinkles.


Parsely Soap :

Rich in chlorophyll and vitamins , it removes darkcirckes dirt and dead skin cells , and cleanses the skin.


Charcoal soap :

Treats oily skin , reduces pore size , suitable for all skin types.


Oatmeal Soap

Moisturizes dry face , relieves sensitivity of sensitive skin reduces the appearance of signs of aging.

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